Best Gardens of Athens

Athens is truly the place of legends. It was constructed in 3000 BC around the hills of Acropolis. According to the legend, the king of Athens, Theseus unified ten tribes into one kingdom, creating the most powerful state on the Greek mainland. Today, lots of travelers come to Athens to set free their imagination and experience first hand this world of legends. And what better way to do that than to talk to the locals in some of the great gardens of Athens.

  Athens acropolis

The National Garden of Athens

The National Garden of Athens is one of my favorites parks in Athens. It is easy to locate and very accessible for any traveler as it is situated right in the center of Athens. Just go around the Greek Parliament building, also known as the Old Palace, and head towards the Zappeion. You cannot leave to Athens without visiting some ancient ruins. Well, while relaxing in the park, you can also admire some of the ancient ruins, tambourines, mosaics and columns. I prefer to relax next to the duck pond, or visit the small zoo and the botanical garden, all lovely gems of this wonderful the National Garden of Athens.

Athens Greece

Strefi Hill

Next, I advise you go to the neighborhood of Exarcheia where you will find Strefi Hill. This great location was previously called Anchesmos and it was property of the Strefis family. They had a stone quarry operation in this hill, but work in the quarry stopped here in the 1920's and they had the great idea to plant trees instead. Int 1963 the family donated this beautiful garden to the city of Athens. Nowadays it bears their family name.