Traveler's Good or Bad List

It's good to know what to expect before you go to a certain city. Reading about it on travel blogs is one of the best way to find the truth about a certain location. Lists also provide an easy and quick read. Sometimes you can choose where to spend your next holiday just by reading a good, informative list.


Here is a good or bad list just like that:

Ease to get around 
        Zurich, Vienna, Singapore
Most difficult to get around
        Mumbai, Punta Cana, Moscow

Best public transportation
        Tokyo, Zurich, Munich
Worst public transportation
        Hanoi, Sharm el Sheikh, Marrakech

Best taxi services
        Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai
Worst taxi services
        Moscow, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur

Best value for money
        Lisbon, Budapest, Bangkok
Worst value for money
        Oslo, Moscow, Zurich.

Safest cities
        Tokyo, Singapore, Dubrovnik