Save For Your Dream Trip

First of all, you have to realize that it is easier to save for something specific than to just save blindly without a certain goal in mind. Find out a rough price of the trip you want, take in consideration airfare, accommodations, food, etc. Now add about 20% on top to cover unexpected expenses. Now compare the final sum with your salary and see if can really afford the trip, or if you need to come with a more realistic plan for a vacation.

Do not be easily discouraged. Plan it carefully and in time you'll get there.

Once you determined the budget you need, ask your bank if they cannot set a separate automatic saving account that will regularly transfer money from your normal account to you new "dream vacation" fund.

Next step will be to cut some of your costs, try to earn extra money and optimize your spendings. Like this, you'll find yourself in no time in the place you always dreamed off, relaxed, with a 20% extra of funds for any nice extras that you find on your way.

Another cool idea is to learn how to start a blog and start documenting your shorter trips. You'll soon start making money with it and this will be of great help for your dream trip budget.