5 Reasons Why Cologne is a Must See for your Germany Vacation

Cologne Germany dates back thousands of years and experienced five centuries of Roman occupation. Evidence of this early civilization remain and include gates, sculptures and wall remnants. Many equate the city with art, culture and heritage along with amazing views. The metropolis remains one of the country’s oldest cities and offers numerous must-see locations. If you ever need to find an affordable place to stay we compiled a list of Cologne vacation rentals.

Cologne  on the Rhine river

Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)

This magnificent structure remains one of the first buildings that visitors see when entering the city. Constructed during the year 1170, a church existed on the site from the time of Roman occupation. Exquisite stone and wood carvings decorate the building’s exterior and interior spaces. The spectacular building has over three dozen stained glass windows that represent many biblical events. The facility offers guided tours that traverse everywhere from the heights of the bell towers to the historic crypts beneath the cathedral.

Rhine River

One of the best features of the city is the river that winds through the community. Boat rides available along the river provide an interesting and picturesque perspective of Cologne. The wonderful views from the waterfront include historic castles and buildings along with lush landscape and vineyards.

Rhine Park

Lying in the northeastern region of Cologne Germany and along the river, the park spans 40 hectares. The location remains popular with many for the views over the river and the skyline in addition to the opportunity for enjoying a number of outdoor activities. The beautifully landscaped area has a beach club, a Roman styled public bath and an outdoor theater that regularly hosts events. Relax on a bench and take in the view or take a cable car ride along the river.

Schokoladen Museum of Cologne

The city has many different museums including this must visit location for chocolate lovers. The venue offers an abundance of information concerning cocoa, chocolate and chocolate products from discovery to the present day. The free-flowing chocolate fountain remains the most popular attraction within the facility. The venue also manufactures chocolates. The museum welcomes guests to indulge in sampling this beloved treat while touring the building.

Roman Influence

An old Roman corner tower, decorated with mosaics stands on the corner of St. Alpen-Strabe and Zeughausstrabe. The basement of the Town Hall contains the remains of the Praetorium. Various graves dating back to the first century lie in underground locations. The Romisch-Germanisches Museum features unbelievable Roman artifacts that include an expansive glass collection, a portrait of Emperor Augustus and artwork created by barbarian cultures.