Better by Boat: Asia’s Top Cruising Experiences

There’s simply no better way to explore the diversity and beauty of Asia than with a cruise. Whether it’s exploring meandering rivers on a small vessel or cruising from country to country on board a luxurious liner, you’re bound find a cruise which perfectly suits your needs. Here are a few of Asia’s top cruising experiences for the discerning traveller.

Nautica at Keelung

Coastal Cruising

When you’re looking to explore the best of Asia without sacrificing world class comfort and luxury, then a coastal cruise is perfect for you. These cruises go between Singapore and Hong Kong, while closely hugging the coastline of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Both Singapore and Hong Kong have built huge ports to accommodate luxury cruise liners, and have succeeded in attracting cruise enthusiasts from around the world who want to experience the finest in Asian cruising.

With both cities easily accessible by air, you can fly in and join the cruise, or choose a cruise from your home country for the expedition of a lifetime. Quality Asian cruises aboard some of the world’s most sophisticated and luxurious liners is simply a must do experience for passionate world travellers.

Majestic Mekong

This has to be one of the most iconic of the Asian river cruises, and with good reason. Experience the floating markets in Vietnam, the charm of Hanoi and the vibrant atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City. You will also discover the stunning scenery of Cambodia, including ancient Khmer monuments and the picturesque capital of Phnom Penh with its distinctive French Colonial influence. A cruise that truly delves into the unique history of this breathtakingly beautiful part of the world will take about two weeks, and every day brings a new adventure and chance to explore. Your cruise on the Mekong is bound to be a highlight of your Asian adventure, the memories of which will last a lifetime.

Sunset, Halong Bay

Cruise the River Kwai

For the fans of history, a cruise on the River Kwai is an absolute must. Departing from Bangkok, a four day cruise along the River Kwai encompasses hot springs, traditional temples, stunning waterfalls and of course a myriad of important cultural sites. You will have the opportunity to visit war cemeteries, and gain an impression of the conditions that soldiers faced during WWII and the construction of the notorious Burma railway. There is also a strong emphasis on the present, with this cruise offering a great experience of modern Thai life along the river with its truly vibrant and vivacious atmosphere.

Exploring Asia by boat gives you an unparalleled view of the rich culture, amazing people and simply stunning scenery throughout your trip. For the very best deals on your Asian cruise adventure, make sure you check out Cruiseabout. Not only are they the cheapest providers of world cruises, the site also has detailed information on destinations and itineraries to help you get started on your booking. If you’re looking for a unique holiday experience like no other, immerse yourself in the magic of Asia by taking one of these top cruises.