The 5 Best Date Spots in Sydney

Sydney might be known as the business and financial capital of Australia, but it is also quite a romantic city. There are tons of people who live and work in the city, so it is not difficult to find a date. Whether you are going on a first date or trying to put the spark back in your relationship, Sydney has a lot of great date spots to offer.

Sydney opera house

Sticky Bar

If you really want to impress your date, you should take her to the Sticky Bar. It is one of Sydney’s hidden gems and it even has a back alley entrance. When you come in, you will be greeted by a charming barman who will do everything he can to accommodate you. There are plenty of comfortable chairs in the bar, so you can sit down and get to know your date under the dim lights.

Marble Bar

The Marble Bar is definitely one of the more fancy bars in Sydney. If you take your date there, she will definitely be swept off her feet. This bar is absolutely beautiful with its mahogany bars, marble arches and Julian Ashton rural nudes. As you are sipping on fine wine, you can admire the spectacular Victorian artwork on the walls.

Quay Restaurant

When you eat at the Quay Restaurant, you will see some of the best views in Sydney and eat five-star quality food. Some of the most popular dishes on the menu include roasted goose, poached chicken and Australian mud crab. Do not forget to order some wine with your meal and save room for dessert. Consider sharing the black forest cake with your date; it is very delicious. When you get done eating dinner, take a walk along the harbor.

Picnic at Lavender Bay

When the weather is nice, take your date on a picnic at Lavender Bay. Make sure to pack all the essentials in your picnic basket including sandwiches, chips, sodas and fruit. As you are eating your picnic lunch with your date, you will have spectacular views of the ocean. The atmosphere will be really peaceful, so you can have a chance to really get to know your date.

Black Town Drive-in Cinema

The Black Town Drive-in Cinema is the only drive-in cinema in Sydney and can be a great place to take a date. When you are at this theater, you will truly feel like you went back to the 1950s. Make sure to bring your own candy and popcorn to impress your date even more.

These are some of the greatest date spots in Sydney. Whether you take your date to the Marble Bar or Black Town Drive-in Cinema, as long as you don’t forget the flowers she will be impressed.