Top European Party Destinations

Sometimes the idea of chilling out by a beach or pool isn't the ultimate aim of a perfect getaway.

Many people are looking for a bit of excitement to add some spice to a trip abroad. Once the packing is sorted and the travel insurance is in place, the nightlife and partying attractions of a destination can be an important part of the choice in terms of where to go.

You don't have to travel far from home in the UK to find some of the best choices, so here are some suggestions for the top party destinations in Europe.

Ibiza and Formentera August and September 2011


Strangely it is island destinations that often boast the best reputations for those looking for a lively time. The Balearic chain in the Mediterranean is famous for its glorious beaches and wonderful climate, as well as providing some of the best party and clubbing experiences in the world.

The most famous of these when it comes to the world of dance music is Ibiza, which commands top place on most lists of party possibilities. The explosion of House Music in the late 1980s and the rise of 'super-club' venues such as Amnesia and Privilege ripple through to the current day.


In recent years, the search for new and exciting party locations has moved eastwards and today the islands dotted along Croatia's Dalmatian coast are a centre of attention.

One of these, Hvar, is an hour's journey from the city of Split and has a reputation as a glamorous destination like a modern version of the 1960s-Cote D'Azur. It is the location of Carpe Diem, probably Croatia's most well-known club, and many Ibiza veterans compare the attractions to a pre-commercialised White Isle.



Another of Eastern Europe's party attractions also happens to be one of the most historic capital cities in the region.

The ancient twin towns of Buda and Pest stand either side of the river Danube and their unification became the capital of Hungary. Today, as well as the historic buildings, an island in the middle of the river is the site for the annual Sziget music festival, which is even bigger than Glastonbury and is one of the biggest music parties of any year.


Spectacular Gaudi architecture and a chic culture of designer shopping is fine by day, but by night Barcelona comes alive as a serious party city.

The Mediterranean coastline city with man-made beaches hosts the SONAR electronic music festival each year and 'super-clubs' like the five-room Razzmatazz hosts some of the best bands and DJs in the world all year round.

Photos via Flickr Creative Commons