What Not To Forget When Travelling Into The Bush

It is essential that extensive preparation is made before you set out on your bush adventure. Many people are inexperienced, and simply pack a tent and supplies. However, there is a much more to remember when travelling into such isolated terrain. So here is a list compiled of what not to forget when travelling into the bush, intended to secure the safety of yourself and your fellow travellers.

Preparing To Travel

The first thing you need to do before setting out on your trip is to notify a close friend about where you are going and when you will be returning. Make sure they have a clear idea about where you are in case they need to contact you in an emergency. Next you need to check the weather updates. You need to be aware of unexpected weather changes such as flash floods or the possibility of bush fires. And remember to pack more food, water, matches, and batteries than you need. Many people don’t realise how quickly batteries die and how much water you drink.

What To Do If You Become Lost

In many cases people often wander off with the intention of coming right back, but unfortunately, their lack a map or knowledge of the area causes them to become lost. If you cannot find a way back to your site, use your communications equipment to get help, or park your vehicle in an area away from forestry areas away from cliffs and hills so you are able to be seen by air. Never leave your vehicle, as help may take a while, and it is important you are not left without sustenance.

Remember to keep yourself warm and hydrated, and rest in shady areas if you are able to. Try to use any signal device you are equipped with sparingly, as you may need to use them to indicate where you are. You can also light a small fire as another indicator of your location, however, try to keep it as contained as possible, in case it spreads to the foliage around you.

When Travelling On Private Property

Many people travel off road to get to their bush destination. Because of this, a lot of people seek out short cuts, usually through roads that cut across private property that aren’t always marked on maps. It is important to seek permission to use the road beforehand. If permission is granted, remember to leave all gates as you found them, refrain from littering, do not damage fences, refrain from lighting fires, do not camp near waterholes, do not swim or bath in non-flowing pools, do not carry illegal firearms, do not allow pets onto the property, and carry your own water.

Travelling into the bush can be as easy or as hard as you make it. By preparing your trip and remembering these three tips, you will have no problem securing the safety of yourself and your fellow travellers. Have fun!

Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli via Flickr Creative Commons