6 Things to Know Before Visiting Sicily

Sicily is a must-visit place. There is action and drama in this beautiful Mediterranean island, with its colourful history of ancient influences. There is so much to see and do and a few days will definitely be insufficient to see the whole place. Before leaving for the island, make sure to prepare for your trip beforehand. Knowing a few facts will always come in handy in making your holidays worthwhile. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Visit the ruins. Sicily has some of the best-preserved archaeological ruins rivaling even those in Greece. You can’t miss to visit the area of Agrigento and Segesta for a tour of the Valley of the Temples. Take a ride to Segesta to see the temple - one of the world’s best examples of Doric architecture as well the well-preserved roman theater. Hop off to picture-perfect Taormina to see the Greek Theater and take advantage of the wonderful panorama of sea and Mt. Etna! Archaeological heritage are scattered around the island and you will be wowed by each one. Syracusa boasts the largest ancient theater in the island.

2. Book in advance. The island is a haven for tourists all-year round so it’s better to book in advance for your lodgings. 

3. Visit in spring. If you can’t stand hot temperatures, then spring is the best season to visit Sicily. This is also a perfect way to avoid the huge crowds during beach season. As the island can get pretty hot during summer, the climate will be milder in spring, perfect for lying around the beaches or for going around, with a cool breeze and scents of blooming flowers everywhere.

4. Indulge in Sicilian food. The cuisine of Italy is divine. Make sure to try the iconic Pasta alla Sarde. The island prides itself in having a cuisine more intense and different to the mainland fare. This is because of the mix of Arab ancestry and other cultures.

5. Visit Mt. Etna. You can actually ski on the slopes of the volcano and jump over lava bumps. You can also walk up to the crater with professional guides. If you are into wine, this is perfect for a wine-tasting excursions.

6. Rise early for the markets. Here you will find it exhilaratingly intriguing and interesting as you get to see various displays of artisan products as well as the possibility to buy fresh produce. Visit Palermo’s BallarĂ² where you will find yourself in a real Sicilian lifestyle.

Photo by Tomie Hansen via Flickr CC