5 Ways to Have Fun During A Bike Tour

Vacations are supposed to remove your stress, but after sitting on a plane for eight hours straight, you would wish you should have stayed in your apartment. To change your perception about your vacation, join a bike tour and have a new way of discovering new places.

Bike tours are getting popular these days because they give a fresh way of seeing beautiful destinations minus the traffic and numb bum. But, if you want to make this experience an absolutely unforgettable moment, then follow these tips:

Register as a Group

As the cliché says, “The more the merrier.” Invite your friends and book a bike tour as a group. Enjoy the company of the people you are closest with and build memories together. When biking with a group, there will always be those silly moments that make every vacation special. Interact with other tour groups as well. Who knows, you might find your next travel buddy from them.

Follow the Rules

This means, when the organizers say no, you must follow. Rules ensure the safety of the group. You’ll never enjoy a tour if one of your friends got lost or hurt just because he did not obey the rules. Ensure your safety by wearing a helmet and knee pad. Also, check the stability of the bike so it won’t break while you are traveling.

Make sure that bikes are comfortable

Bike tours last for up to three hours or more, depending on the travel agency, so be sure you are comfortable throughout the tour. While bikes are relatively comfortable than sitting in a bus, it is still difficult to pedal if the vehicle is bigger than you. When choosing a bike be sure you don't tip toe when the bike is at rest. 

Bring a camera

What’s a vacation without a camera to immortalize every moment? Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture every precious event. If you plan to bring a huge DSLR camera, pick a bike that has a bag rack where you can strap your camera safely. You may also bring an action camera, to make an interesting video of your adventure.

Take Your Time

Sure, riding a bike is a fast way to move around than walking, but you have to slow it down to enjoy your vacation. This is like eating a new cuisine, you have to eat slowly to savor every flavor. Remember, bike tours are not supposed to be like bust tours where you visit a dozen of places in a limited period. So, enjoy and don’t rush.

Stress is difficult to avoid when having a vacation, but you can always make it special if you try new activities. Follow the tips above when joining bicycle tours to ensure your safety and happiness. Book a tour now and build memories with your friends.

Photo by Roman Boed via Flickr Creative Commons