Ten Most Beautiful Camping Spots in the World

When the monotony of daily life starts taking its toll on you, a camping expedition can prove to be a source of revival. As it goes without saying, nothing brings you closer to yourself than a night spent in the lap of nature, with some fire to keep you warm and a peaceful sleep under the stars. So pack your bags, put on your camping shoes and find your way to any of these most beautiful places in the world where you can go camping.

1. New Zealand

Being the most camper-friendly country in the world, New Zealand has the top spot on this list because you can set up your camp almost anywhere in this country. There are deserted beaches for a magical campfire night by the shore, the mountain plateaus with majestic views in every direction you look and the forest clearings for a night in the wilderness. The 'freedom camping' system here allows you to camp on any public land in the country. However, there are serious environmental protection rules you ought to abide by. Given the beauty and the tranquillity of this place, you are in for a fantastic time which includes self-discovery and romancing the natural heritage of New Zealand.

2. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

Beaches are what comes to your mind when you think of camping in the Hawai. However, there is so much more to this beautiful paradise than just the crashing waves and the stretch of white sand. You can get yourself a place in Haleakala National Park or just put up a camp near the Ohe'o pools to enjoy the last dip before you doze off under the stars. Kimphulu rainforests are another great camping site and if none of these suits you then there are the majestic beaches waiting for you with their arms wide open.

3. Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

With its vast wildlife and an array of scenic beauties, Costa Rica is a natural wonder when it comes to camping. It's a pleasure filled experience to see forest cover as far as your eyes can see and the Corcovado National Park is a treat for your eyes to behold. The phrase 'enchanting forest' does justice to the scenic beauty of this place. Untouched by human footprints, you can look deep into your soul and discover the joys of being in touch with your inner self. There are deserted beaches, lagoons and waterfalls, all right outside your tent when you camp here. You can surf on the waves, go fishing and even meet some of the residents of the national park- tiger, pumas and monkeys.

4. Sahara Desert, Morocco

The cultural riches of Morocco are known to us all, but when it comes to natural wonders, Morocco is incomplete without the grand Sahara desert, one of the most sought after camping destination for nature lovers. What could be a better camping experience than enjoying the nomadic way of life in the Sahara Desert? This place is beautiful in its own rustic and rural way. You get to camp at the foot of the sand dunes with nothing but the desert spreading all around you. All the life's secrets seem to unfold when you watch the sun's rays melting over the desert as it sets. The tranquillity you experience here gives you unmatched inner peace. You can lay under the stars with plenty of time to rediscover yourself under the night sky.

5. Lake District, England

With its idyllic British countryside charm and its classic setting, the Lake District in Cumbria looks nothing short of a scene from one of Jane Austen's romantic novels. You can lose yourself to its alluring beauty and then go on a journey of self-discovery as you roam among the wildflowers and along the crystal clear lakes here. Despite the constant rains in England, this place is a perfect camping destination to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and watch the raindrops while you enjoy a hot bowl of soupy noodles inside your tarpaulin tent.

6. Laguna Quilotoa, Ecuador

Laguna Quilotoa is nothing short of a sight which makes you gape with your mouth open. You can set up a camp in Insinlivi, by the shore of this mesmerising mirror green lake. The place has a mysteriously peaceful aura about it. With the snow-capped Iliniza Sur and Cotopaxi mountain right at the doorstep of your tent, you can spend the entire night in untangling your thoughts and admiring this majestically beautiful place. As it goes, mysterious places have their way of giving you a solution for even the most complicated situations The Laguna Quilotoa is said to have no bottom and rightfully so, given its simplicity and awesomeness.

7. The Outback, Australia

With vast countryside spreading for miles with grassy plains, meandering rivers and a tinge of desert terrain all along the roads, the Outback in Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world to set up a camp. Camping in the wilderness has its challenges and benefits at the same time. While it gives you plenty of space for bonding with yourself, it also demands that you stay out of danger and keep track of the path to avoid getting lost. You can also enjoy a little barbeque fire, but it is important that you do it by digging a pit to avoid drawing attention from the animals.

8. Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya

The Maasai Mara is the top camping spot on the list of wildlife lovers since it is the best place to witness the great migration that happens every year. However, it does mean that you will be surrounding yourself with a lot of gazelles, zebras and other wild beasts. The rustic, countryside beauty of this place combined with the large variety of animals that are found here makes it a hot favourite for campers. You also get plenty of scenic beauty to admire- the grasslands spreading for miles dotted by acacia and the red-hued landscape reaching the horizon. The Mara river is another beautiful addition to this site with plenty of crocodiles and hippos to spot here.

9. The Himalayas, India

The Himalayan ranges in India are one of the most adventure-filled camping destination across the world. Not only are the snow-capped peaks of Himalayas world's most vast and tallest but also blessed with some of the most beautiful and eye-catching sights. The Corbett National Park on the foothills of the Himalayas offers you a beautiful abode to camp in. With the eye soothing view of green meadows, locally called 'Bughyals', on your tent's doorstep and plenty of animals including Indian Tigers to spot, this camp can prove to be a soul reviving experience. You can also trek along some of the popular trekking sights in this area and indulge in activities like fishing and water rafting.

10. Yellowstone National Park, USA

With 9000 kilometres of a natural landscape, the Yellowstone National Park is like America's version of the Outback. This place has some of the most stunning backdrops for campers to pitch their tents to. There is noisy traffic and high pitched music blaring in your ears which allows you to indulge in self-discovery for hours here. The vast canyons, fishing options and natural hot springs around every corner in this national park are some other treats on the platter of campers and nature lovers. The only things yo ought to be careful about are the wolves and bears who might care to join your campfire if your barbeque smells tasty enough.

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