Mattu Pongal Festival

On the 15th of January, the time of first Harvest, in India people celebrate the Mattu Pongal festival. This wonderful celebration travelers can experience in Tamil Nadu, as well as in Andhra Pradeshand Karnataka. Indians celebrate the cows and bulls, as traditionally they are important for farming, and on the 15th of January the raising of the crops begins.

On this occasion rich and poor dine together, in the spirit of celebration. During the Mattu Pongal Festival, fresh harvest is shared among all, not only in the community but also with visitors. It’s be st time to experience the Indian hospitality at its peak and try some traditional Indian dishes.

Man Versus Bull - The Jallikattu Sport Series | Explored
The Mattu Pongal festival usually takes four days, in India. It’s a time for spring cleaning, for house decoration, disposal of old unwanted items and replacing them with new ones. Cows are worshiped during the time of the festival, especially on the third day, when the cattle are washed, and their horns are ornamented with metal caps and painted. It’s also the time for the Jallikattu. I recommend you not to miss it while visiting India. Jallikattu is a bull taming sport that in spite of accidents, deaths and strong opposition, it is still held in most villages. On the last day of the festival visitors can see how locals seek their elders to ask for their blessing. It’s a very moving moment for everybody present.

Jallikattu - Front view