Three Top Reasons to Bring Your Friends to Singapore’s Universal Studios

While everyone who has rugrats to spare knows that bringing them to one of the many Universal Studios amusement parks that have sprung up around the world is a no brainer, what about your adult friends? If you are looking for a fun addition to your next trip abroad, you might just want to consider this.
Heading out to a beautiful and exotic city like Singapore just got that much more exciting and fun when you add in a day of goofing off with a few of your best pals at Universal Studios Singapore. Not sure that your friends will actually appreciate just how fun an amusement park in an exotic location can be? Here are three great reasons that you can throw at them for tagging along on a vacation of a lifetime.

Relive Your Childhood

Everyone knows that Universal Studios has made some of the most awesome films, especially when it comes to adventure films that the whole family loved. But you can’t beat the company or the amusement park for bringing back some great memories of laughs and thrills when you all were just kids. The obvious fun adventure is heading out to see everyone’s favorite lovable green monster, Shrek.
We loved this guy as kids and when you head out to enjoy the adventure all over again in the land of Far Far Away, you get to once again remember just how great this guy is to kids of all ages. So, bring along some friends, laugh at the crazy antics of Shrek or sing along with Donkey at his own stage show. You know you all love this guy, why on earth wouldn’t you want to share him with your friends.

Get Silly Again

There is nothing quite like an amusement park, especially one this size, to allow us to let it all out and just plain get silly. Ride the carousel, shoot down the rapids screaming your heads off or just run around and enjoy the park. Each of the seven zones has cool places to stop and eat, many of them with Halal menus.
If you are looking for a roller coaster ride to get the adrenalin going again, each zone has their own special ride. No matter what you need to get down and get silly, this is the place to let it all hang out and enjoy yourself.

Have an Adventure

Truth of the matter is, when it comes to just plain great adventure rides this is one park that makes them and knows how to run them. While Disney may be great at fantasy rides for the whole family, Universal knows how to make rides that are a real adventure.
These are not for little kids and you will have a better time when you bring your adult friends with you to ride the wild rides and scream your lungs out. And don’t forget to check out the scary Revenge of the Mummy ride in Ancient Egypt while you are there.